The Challenge
Political candidates have a very diverse set of needs. Reaching voters with a variety of demographics requires enacting a robust marketing campaign. This client wanted to express to the public the importance of technology and be able to reach people on the respected media outlets they use every day as well as utilizing traditional political advertising needs.

Platforms Used
Our first steps were to build this client a website in order to introduce herself to Yakima County. Next, we created logos, signage, videos, print media, social posts, and much more to reach voters during the pandemic where parades, door knocking, and other meet and greet events were not allowed. The client used Facebook to create live videos of her self talking about current issues and as an outlet to connect consumers to helpful resources and links in the community. These videos were added to her website for cross-promotion which created an amazing archive of her campaign efforts

By automating her WordPress website we were able to generate a large list of endorsements from form fills online. We used a donation plug-in that allowed her to collect donations electronically. We utilized local vendors and locations for her print and digital media.