The Challenge –
After adding a national brand to their six locations, our client needed to get the word out to their customers about this great product. It was important to coordinate with the national brand to ensure that the video and content met their approval in order to be used.

Platform –
Along with creating the video we worked with the local stations to create a campaign that would maximize visibility. To compliment the local stations we utilized OTT (over the top connected television) to show this content on streaming devices and smart tvs where consumers watch shows on Apps. Multiple targeting tactics were activated to select the audience, including Demographic targeting to the clients chosen target market.

Watch the commercial here:

Attributes –
We chose to use one of the Stores more recognized Designers for voice and video content on this 30-second spot. Our writers composed a script that would promote the new brand as well as advertise the current sale offered by the national company. This spot did not contain any dated information allowing the client to re-use the video should this product promotion be reactivated.