The Challenge –
Create an event that will increase revenue during the client’s offseason. Most customers don’t need paint and painting supplies in the middle of the winter. We needed to create a plan to drive up the numbers during their slower time of the year.

Platform –
We assisted the customer by creating an event that would require the participant to purchase a set dollar amount of products in order to attend. The chosen event was a Texas Hold’em Tournament where the entrants purchased the set amount of sundries and this was essentially their “Buy-In” to the tournament. We also invited Vendors to the event whose products were already sold by the store so tournament participants could meet with the vendors about new product offerings.

Attributes –
We coordinated with a local cater to provide refreshments at the event. We created a punch card that participants could take to vendors and earn a punch on the card and if they filled their entire card they earned extra chips for the game. Each participant was given a T-Shirt that we designed with the company logo. We coordinated with a party gaming vendor to provide dealers for the tables. Chairs and tables were rented and prizes were purchased for the top 4 winners of the game. This event is going on its 4th year and is a success each and every time!