The Challenge: We wanted to encapsulate the aspiration and significance of owning a home while highlighting the institution’s home loan offerings. Our task was to convey the message that Yakima Federal is not just a financial institution but a partner in turning dreams of homeownership into reality. With the limited space of a billboard, capturing attention and communicating the essence of the brand’s commitment to helping individuals achieve their homeownership goals was key.

Strategy: We focused on creating a visually compelling and emotionally resonant image that would immediately connect with viewers. The central image of a hand holding a dream house symbolizes the concept of home ownership as both a tangible goal and an emotional aspiration. Concise messaging served to communicate the primary offering while leaving a lasting impression on passing motorists or pedestrians. Overall, the strategy aimed to evoke a sense of possibility and hope while effectively conveying Yakima Federal’s role in helping individuals achieve their dreams of owning a home.